Parenting Check-Up!

In my house, we are less than two weeks away from a major milestone in parenting – our first born is heading to Kindergarten. I don’t know what milestones you may be reaching – rolling over for the first time or graduating high school, but through it all loving your children well is the ultimate goal. Family Life has created a list of questions to help you know where you may be in that process or to help identify areas of growth.

The top two questions for me to be able to answer better right now are:

28. How am I doing on teaching them biblical conflict resolution? Am I teaching them to be true peace-makers … or peace-fakers, or peace-breakers?

30. Am I striking a good balance between protecting my kids and equipping them for whatever they may encounter when they step outside of my home, now and in the future?

So what questions do you need to answer authentically? What are the things to celebrate and the one thing to improve?

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