About MOPS Kids

What is MOPsKids?

MOPS Kids is our childcare program that takes place during our meetings so that you can enjoy your MOPS experience while your children are placed into the loving and dedicated hands of our MOPS Kids staff. Your child will experience a Sunday School like setting with age appropriate activities to foster their development in a fun and engaging way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to bring with my child?

A: Please bring a diaper and a change of clothes. Make sure to thoroughly and clearly mark your items.

Q: Can I bring my newborn into the MOPS meeting with me?

A: Of course! We welcome all newborn little ones who still need to be close to mom. We just ask that you respect the other moms and should your child become a distraction that you handle that appropriately. Once children hit the six month mark, we ask that they become enrolled in our wonderful MOPS Kids program.

Q: Is the MOPS Kids program located near where the main MOPS meetings take place?

A: Yes, your child is literally right down the hall.

Q: How soon can I drop my child off for MOPS Kids?

A: Childcare begins at 9:45 and ends at 12:00. Doors are locked by 10 a.m. when MOPS officially begins.

Q: Who decides which room my child is placed in?

A: Our MOPS Kids coordinators carefully place your child into the age group that is the most appropriate for their developmental and educational level. Our rooms are divided into classrooms just like a preschool.

Q: Do the children receive snacks during MOPS Kids?

A: Yes, your children will receive a snack during their stay in MOPS Kids.

Q: What types of activities will my child experience?

A: Story time, arts and crafts, indoor playtime, outdoor playtime, snack time.

Additional information about MOPS Kids and MOPS policies are available in the Handbook.